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    Wow guess what guys I'm having yet again more server issues go figured just last night I bought a server to add to a cluster and welp paid 13 bucks for nothing well today that got fixed finally but now none of my servers work my Ragnarok server worked this morning but when I went to add valguro to a cluster I'm on PC and none now shows up not even the new one and it shows for my friend on Xbox but when he joins it said error the issues I'm having lately are starting to get me not to like ark I mean I paid around $20 for two non working servers

    ok im super super mad i bought a second server with my hard earned money to get a cluster set up and i get

    This Service is not a Gameserver. Please contact the support.
    error its making me mad i have frinds that where so happy to see i was adding a second server and i cant even to that what makes me even more upset is the page that says that have nothing about possible reasons that why my 13 bucks of a server is not a freaking gameserver when thats what i paid for i was happy with the servers you guys provided but now i wish i did not blow a second 13 bucks for something i have not received ill be pretty upset if i have to wait a while to actually get my dang server running when i first paid for it it was up now its not:cursing::thumbdown: