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    I also got the following to work.

    1. Create a new shortcut on your desktop

    2. Enter the Location of the shortcut to something like this:

    D:\Steam\steam.exe -applaunch 892970 +connect <ip address>:<port number>

    The above is an example, so change it to where your steam.exe is installed. The ip address and port number should be exactly as its shown on the Dashboard

    Another alternative way of connecting you can try is in Steam under your library, right click on Valheim and select properties. Under General you should launch option, enter the following depending on what your server ip address and port number is.

    +connect <ip address>:<port number>

    You should not need to +1 the port number

    I got a response from support saying "You will want to use the in-game connection with IP option after this recent patch. Steam being unable to query the server software is not something we will able to solve ourselves as we are not the game developers."

    I accept something changed with this patch but I have another server with 4netplayers and that works fine through steam with this new patch, so I don't believe it's totally down to the patch but also some server configuration is required. For my other server I do exactly the same thing in steam, that is add the ip address and port in the format <ip address>:<port number> but the port number is +1 e.g. on the server admin page the port is 2456 so I put 2457 in steam. This works fine.

    It's not clear to me why Nitrado servers don't work through steam. I can connect in game by connecting to the ip address and port shown on the server dashboard.

    It's the steam server connection that appears to be an issue. I keep getting not responding but you can connect to your server within the actual game using the <ip address>:<port number> but the port number should not be increased by 1.

    You can connect directly within Valheim by clicking Start at the Select Character stage, then select the Join Game tab and then select Join IP. Enter <ip address>:<port number> details but do not increase the port number by 1 as you would in Steam and select Connect. You should be able to connect.