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    I don't see how asking for a status update in any way is considered unprofessional.
    I certainly appreciate the warning regarding my statement of canned responses, however I'm sure the typical course of asking people to submit tickets was already done prior to your suggestion.

    We are all looking for an answer as to why the servers are no longer functioning after an added content to the game, when they worked prior to said update.

    As I asked in my previous post, if you have a means to get word to us, we would all appreciate it.

    I think that is very professional, don't you?

    Perhaps you haven't been reading but just replying. I have submitted a ticket to support, have tried to call, have tried to use SKYPE for their Customer support.

    The response I have received, like many others is ZERO.

    The only response was the confirmation email for the creation of the ticket.
    Most of us here have tried to contact customer support, there isn't any. Please, before you just drop a canned response, read the content of the messages.
    There are absolutely ZERO official Ark servers listed, which leads me to the logical conclusion that your quoted, canned response, is very much incorrect.
    Systems have not recovered. You have paying customers here who have been patient through this entire process, and yet you fail to provide the basic customer service needed to address the issues.

    Reading and listening are very much an important part of customer service. I've seen your canned response on several postings within the last 24 hours. It would only make logical sense that if the posters did as you instructed, their issues would be resolved and they would have posted so, instead of posts like, "Can we get any updates on how this is getting resolved?".

    I am certain that rather than a PR move of a canned response, the customers here, like myself, would appreciate the truth. Even if its "We don't know what's wrong but we are working on it".

    My biggest issue isn't that I can't play on a server I paid for, it's the fact that I also work in the IT field, and lack of attention to issues without any follow up, gives people like myself a bad name in our profession. That is my biggest issue right now. So please, if you have a means to do so, tell the technical team to follow up with their clients, and give us something, even if it's "We really don't know, but we are working on it". I'm certain everyone here who is experiencing this issue would greatly appreciate the reaching out, and would be less angry at the issue at hand, than that of a canned response.

    Thank you.

    Ok, so now I am officially upset.

    Customer support in the US won't be available until 2PM to 6:30PM PST
    The Skype CS is not answering

    and now no one here is answering or providing any resolution.

    This is no longer driven towards the ability to play the game. This is now an issue of customers paying for a service that they are not getting, and absolutely zero customer support to resolve the issue. People like this give people like me who work in this field a bad name. WAKE UP WHOEVER YOU NEED TO AND GET THE F* ON IT!

    24+ hours is absolutely unexcusable for systems to be down over a software update.

    My next contact is Microsoft and the President / CEO of Nitrado.

    I don't want to sound down either, however as I have mentioned I work in the IT field. Issues such as I can't log into my PC are normal tickets.
    Downed servers are considered QR (Quick Response) or ER (Emergency Response) tickets. I would classify this as an ER ticket, which means you not only reach out to your paying customers but you also wake up everybody you have to get this issue resolved.

    When this worked, it was great, but the fact that they have now left this going on 20+ hours without so much as a Post into their forums for an ETA, or even a diagnosis as to what the problem is, is just plain disconcerting. Being that we are pretty much at the mercy of their system, we are still paying customers. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, but I am very disappointed in the lack of customer service presented here over a fatal issue created by a software update.

    It makes me wonder if any of the people working at Nitrado have any real technical skills to resolve the problem, or if they are just taking our money.

    Here's hoping they do something after 2pm PST.

    My server is now in a state of restarting itself

    This is ridiculous. I work in the IT field, and 7 hours+ for a damn software update is beyond idiotic.
    It's not even the point of wanting to play the game, as it is the principal of the fact that even a backup won't recover the server.

    I've read that their tech agents were only on call for 4.5 hours. Piss poor planning for a major update in which things will go wrong.

    Lack of planning, lack of response, no email to warn us that there is an update...all around bad service.
    Many many lessons for them to learn from this.

    Since the update today, the Official Sessions, and unofficial sessions do not show anything.

    I currently have 2 servers shown in the Unofficial PC Sessions.

    The server I rented was working just fine prior to this update.
    A ticket has been created with no response and after further investigation,

    I have concluded that the issue has to be port related.

    Now, I understand it takes time for updates to install, I work in the IT field myself, but under no circumstance should these take over 5 hours, and your support team not respond and let me or anyone else who is your customer, know a status of the issue. I strongly suggest reverting the servers back to where they were (I know you have backups like we do) as a resolution to this issue.

    I've been reading many complaints about the lack of customer service, and while I certainly understand updates can cause issues in the field I work in, I'm fully prepared to revert a system back to it's previous state to restore functionality.

    People have paid good money here, and your support team needs to up their game immediately.
    5 hours of a server being offline is not acceptable.

    Like others I have been patiently waiting.

    The following attachments are a status report from your web interface, and the actual Session list for Unofficial PC's. This list should be populated and is not, as is the Official server page as well. Nothing on them.

    I expect a response within the hour or a full refund.

    Thank you.

    This issue goes deeper than the update, as none of the other maps are appearing except Ragnarok for one system in the Unofficial PC side. As for the Official servers, nothing is visible.

    How many other people are seeing this same thing?

    I've narrowed this down to the server side, as there is not a client update in the Windows Store for Ark.
    This is not a local Network Connection issue, as nothing has changed since you're update.

    Please let us know what you broke, and an eta on it's repair.
    Moving forward I think it would be an excellent idea to have an automated email sent to those of us who are paying to rent these, informing us that there is an expected update.
    Not everyone spends time reading the forums....

    Thank you.

    No servers being shown in the Session list.

    Being an IT person, I get that it takes time to update the servers, but why are none visible, especially the one I'm paying for when the status bar says, "HEALTHY (v789.9)?

    I see no Unoffical PC Servers, or Official ones.

    Please Advise, as this was working fine prior to the botched update