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    That post explains zero. I said it before, and I'm saying it again.

    Here's some questions that are NOT on that wiki page:

    1. How do I know there's an update available?

    Last time I asked this question, I was told to look at Wild Card's info. That only tells me when they released an update to Playstation, not to when Nitrado is ready to start rolling out updates. I understand that there's an internal update pipeline at Nitrado for sensible reasons, but we have no way to see the status of that pipeline.

    2. What triggers an update on my server?

    This is completely not mentioned. Should I leave my server offline? Does the update happen when I restart my server? Does this mean I have to reboot my server over and over to get it to update? Why is there no auto update option?

    I'm sure you think that these support requests and forum posts are because all your users are stupid and we don't read the wiki. I've read the wiki and I've looked at the dashboard, and it's sorely lacking.

    Understand that these points are to reduce everyone's inconvenience. You don't want repeated support requests and forum posts, and your users want to know what's going on and how things work.

    I just restarted my server again, for the 30th time today, 13 hours outage and continuing, and still no update and I have no idea why. Posting a link to a wiki page that doesn't answer anything isn't helping anything.

    Also still unable to update my server. I've been restarting it every 5 minutes for hours now. There has GOT to be a better way.

    The only technical headache I have with Nitrado is the complete lack of communication or in-dash tools to know when an update is available. Honestly, there should be an auto-update and restart option for PS4 servers.

    However, that wouldn't address the issue of 12 hours of downtime because the completely opaque and mysterious Nitrado update pipeline isn't updating our service so it can be used.

    So this is a screenshot of my dashboard. I don't see a version here. Exactly what should I be clicking to reveal the server version?


    The screenshot above was taken 2.5 hours after going live with most recent update.

    As far as the "rest of my question", here's what I see. Am I seeing incorrectly that it is blank?


    Oh, and on this later shot, you're right, the version did show up. So, that's encouraging.

    Either way, I'm reporting both of these here as an FYI. The "Server Check" feature isn't important to me since my server works fine, but it's odd that its a blank page and maybe someone there might want to know that. The version thing is a bit annoying and inconvenient, as the time you MOST want to know the version is during an update. I feel like the failure to display a version is due to some other silent failure unrelated to updates, because I've gone to look this up before and its not been there... Can't be 100% sure, but it's a little wonky to not be able to see the version 100% of the time.

    Yes, all UI nitpicking, nothing critical. But the kind of thing maybe someone wants to be aware of to perhaps improve the user experience if you are so inclined.


    Some questions regarding the web UI for Ark Servers (PS4):

    1. Why isn't the server version shown in the dashboard? This seems a key piece of information.

    2. Server check: this subpage displays no information at all after the title. Seems... unhelpful for a page called "Server check."

    So a few days later, we're here and the developers have pushed another update. On the PS4 the client is updated before the server update is available, and I've got players wonder where the server is.

    Now I understand *completely* that Nitrado has nothing to do with how or when Nitrado can deploy the updates to the server. My problem is I have to keep restarting the server, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and refreshing on PS4 client to see if the update was made.

    This seems... inefficient? Unproductive?

    What would be lovely is something that shows when a server update is ready to be installed. Then I have something to watch out for, instead of endlessly polling and rebooting.

    Again, I completely understand that this less than ideal update pipeline is a product of the choices of the developer. What I'd love to see is some tooling around that crappy set of choices made by Wild Card to make all our lives easier. I know you don't want a bunch of dopey "Where's my update?" support tickets, and I don't want a bunch of players on my server doing the same thing to me. The issue is: information. We don't know if there's a server update available to install.

    And, because the developer have a less-than-ideal update pipeline, perhaps tooling isn't an option and you're just as frustrated with the situation as I am. But, I thought I'd ask.

    Updates are controlled by the Devs of the game.

    On the official Wiki site it does list platforms and what versions. You can even subscribe to the forums to alert you when an update is release. Also WC has an official discord.

    Those folks are the ones that alert when updates are released. The hardware is hosted by Nitrado, not the game. That Nitrado link also provides greater detail on how they work.

    Also Nitrado has made in possible in the webui to reboot the server after it receives the update. Just mentioning some other tools available.


    And can you tell me who is responsible for taking the updates from the dev and installing them on Nitrado servers?

    I am pretty sure that's not me, and that's not developers.


    this is a duplicate topic.

    If interested how updates happen @ Nitrado please visit the following: When will my ARK server update when ARK has an update? [ALL platforms]

    Thank you.

    I'd suggest you communicate that an update is pending in the server dashboard. That would avoid "duplicate topics." Threads and support requests regarding update status of the server are caused by poor communication. Let us know an update is inbound in the control panel and you won't have to deal with people wonder what is going on.

    Just a suggestion.