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    I am actually using Blackwood, when i first started the server I dont think I choose a map when I picked Ocean, it seemed to be all broken. Then we restarted and used Blackwood for a simple experience of Atlas.

    cheat Forceplayertojointargettribe (yourname) It diesnt show you are in the tribe but you are.
    then simply ask them to join your tribe...then make one of them the owner and you can leave tribe.

    There is many list of admin commands on the internet for Atlas. I dont believe I can put them in here.

    Had the same experience...You have admin commands. Enablecheats (admin password) Then do Cheat gcm and so on...

    You can join their tribe by looking at a wall of there tribe and then add them back into their tribe.

    look up admin commands

    I do manual cheat saveworld before restarting the server.

    Is there something going on with xbox Atlas servers or is there something wrong with my server. Yesterday all of sudden the server went to 150 ping and hasnt gone back down to the normal 30's. I have restarted the server a couple times and searched for any problems with others having the same issue, but cant find anything. Server is based out of NY