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    I'd like to add to this concern. For 2 days (as of 3/20/20) when I launch WIN 10 ark I find that the server list does *not* populate after "searching for sessions". Further, it does not have the typical notice of "No Sessions Found" as a message when no servers exist. Rather, no message is returned at all. This error persists despite the server filters in place. Be the setting on any given map filter, game mode, sort filter. Be it on unofficial PC sessions or even official lists.

    This is likely a Studio Wild Card issue entirely as the Genesis Launch and multitude of patch updates are screwing everything up as usual. Yet, I feel that Nitrado should effort to at least remark on this topic as best as they can - even if simply to suggest we all just have to wait for SWC to fix their schtuff.

    If any user, forumite, fan, or staff have half a clue how server rental customers might correct this error please advise.

    Otherwise, here's to hoping C-19 goes away and wishing happy gaming to everyone!

    Please advise,

    A few weeks back, before Val map was updated for the windows 10/xbox client I was running a brief island map server with primitive plus. All was good. My small tribe server was then shifted to the new map and our group enjoyed exploration of the content happily. Yet, after gathering some new players discussion was had that we'd shift back to primitive plus until Genesis was launched - for the sake of us who have yet to explore the Primitive Plus content (I host for new players).

    Upon altering the server map, to the Center which appears to be broken with odd texture errors (both single player and on server) in a few zones, it was discovered that on the server none could learn any primitive plus engrams.

    After evaluating if it was something improperly posted in my game.ini files (or gameusersettings) I simply couldn't find the reason. So, I reinstalled the server entirely presuming that perhaps if I simply did not meddle with anything but basic settings the engram issue would resolve itself, even if I had to change maps due to the Center being borked.

    No, success. No working engrams despite only a few weeks back there being no issues.

    So I tried it locally in single player - everything seemed in order (excepting of course The Center Map still being borked) as engrams were being learned just fine.

    Still not able to get the server itself to allow us to learn the engrams I simply rolled back to Valgeuro, losing about a day of progress (no big deal - after all we just wiped, I just wanted to provide players with the characters and tames they had recently uploaded for storage when Genesis eventually drops). Now the server is back to what we had it as but our desires to play Primitive Plus seem dashed.

    Another thread on this forum touches on the subject but I don't want to derail that thread with my own issues, so I post here. Is there some common realization that P+ is borked? Same with other maps such as The Center, borked and I am simply not tracking this?

    Please advise.


    Curious that everytime I move to make a simple change --- the world explodes... as of approx 23:00 CST aug 15 I eagerly restarted the server with the intention of operating a temporary Primitive Plus Xbox/PC crossplay server... we tried setting it up for "the Center" first and upon log in the first thing I noticed was that the center map is borked? There's areas of the sky which have black or gray textures as if in a cubists rendering... but I chalked it up to something on my end... until i tried to learn Primitive Plus Engrams.. none were working (of those available at my level) such as the pitchfork etc... others reported the same issue.

    So I tried changing maps. Ragnarok loaded fine and dandy.. same engram issue...

    Tried a fresh reinstall of the server curious if I made a change in expert settings that was borking things... started a server with primitive plus checked and on the island map... same issue.. can't learn primitive plus engrams.

    At this point I am simply returning to a server backup and hoping not all is lost. Assuming everything goes back to what it was before these failures, guess we will sit and wait for Genesis instead of distracting ourselves with primitive plus between now and that launch in Dec.

    Anyone else have similar issues?

    Yea they're still listing my server as 789.9.... we're on 790.9.... though they are reporting as an update as of today at 1300... which means they didn't actually update properly and a support ticket is likely my only recourse.

    For PC servers, if the client does not match the current released version the server will not appear. This is how I know when to update my cluster, when I cant see them.

    Absolutely! Though the server is reported as updated (Can't get the server version to show but the last update was today and they did notify me) on the WIN 10 client, which is also updated I can join Official and others.. but can't find mine today at all. Even shows my server as running. This is a support ticket issue and might simply be something silly...

    But as it sits it seems many players aren't finding their servers after today's patches so I worry there's an unreported issue thus far.

    Oddly - the server build data located on my admin pages isn't populating... further Nitrado notified me that the servers were updated, even if I can't locate the current version number... Yet still my server isn't showing up in the lists.

    I wager they don't have the server updated to the proper build atm.. but will have to see. Best I can do is wait a day for them to maybe answer the support ticket and wait for it to be corrected during that wait if I'm lucky.. it seems.

    Even still, you know how it is - I wager spending another 30 seconds either reading or re-reading posts via google or here and I've had my answer.

    I would suggest it's simply the notion that I migrated from Steam Ark a few months ago, and have been on WIN 10 Ark now for a brief time but only in the capacity of a small-tribe friends only sort of server. Quite A-typical for me as I prefer larger groups. But since the transition it's been a series of adjustments, no open mods, smaller server, essentially starting as a player from scratch as well, and so on.

    This being my first crossplay WIN 10 title outside of Sea of Thieves (Which doesn't provide server options to players) I haven't actually had to think about it much over the years. So, yea - I really do welcome the willingness to reply and look forward to interacting on the servers more often in time.

    I likely know the answer, and that answer is: When it's ready... and PC comes second after initial console rollout.

    But I ask: Is it typical that the PC WIN 10 client receives updates such as this AFTER console? Makes little sense to me in regard to the notion that it's a crossplay system versus distinct audience. But it does make sense as it'd be wise to rollout on console, remedy hotfixes, patches, etc with the whole team on the topic before doing it for round 2 for PC clients.

    This isn't a Nitrado question, this is a community question based on historical experiences. "IF" Nitrado can relate some information that I must have misunderstood from the "All answers here" thread I apologize. But, I am curious overall - not to mention exceptionally eager as I hoped and scheduled for today and well, as any server admin can relate - no matter who is to blame for any issues.. the server admins take the heat first as their players bug them for insight or answers we then turn here to get, ourselves.:?: