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    I had a similiar problem with one of my older Ragnarok Server. at one point it does not shown up in the server list, nor dedicated server list, not favorites.

    In Steam client it was set under "Server". But no one could find it. Direct connection did not work either.

    Till I noticed that the Server Port changed! it was not 27015 anymore. May you check the port settings on your server and in Steam. (unter your user id on the Nitrado server page)

    I know it is a little late:

    in my case it was the port.

    Maybe because of an Nitrado internal server switch, my server got the same IP but not Port 27015 anymore.
    it know has 38000.

    In Steam I had to add a new server entry with IP:38001 and then the server shows up in list again.

    So maybe check the port.

    For me it is an absolutely horror to update server when S+ got an update ... or any other ARK or Mod update

    I always have problems with Mod updates. So I always set "Mod Updates" to 'manually'. And if there is any ARK update or ARK Mod update, I firstly do a backup (last available backup).

    Most of the time the server then got all the newest updates.

    Sometimes I have to click "Mod update" manually and restart the server.