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    I would like to make it so people can earn enough points from leveling to unlock every engram including dlc's so that way they can decide on their own if they want everything unlocked or not. At the same time, they still have to reach max level to unlock everything. Does anyone have a setting I can use and know where I would put it? I am using expert settings. Thank you in advanced!

    Hi im trying to change the cooldown for the tribe name change. No matter what I change the number to the cooldown stays at 15 seconds. I have tried putting in 60 and also 100 but the cooldown is only 15 seconds even though it doesn’t say 15 in the settings.

    Anyone know a fix for it?

    So i have 4 maps, Island, Crystal, Gen2, and Rag. When I look in the ob on the island I can see the other 3 maps. However when i look at the ob on Rag I do not see Gen2 or Crystal. Just see Island.

    From crystal and gen I can also only see island.

    Anyone know how I fix this?

    Note: I changed the server names for gen2, crystal, and rag.

    Well I mean you know how you can make different alliances categories? I want to make it so people can only have one alliance category but allow only 3 tribes in the alliance.

    So I just started using this code to get Rock Drakes on crystal but I am having a problem with how many are spawning. How do I decrease the spawn amount, because there are way to many?


    Im looking to increase turret damage during the week and I only see this for turret damage setting DinoTurretDamageMultiplier=1.0

    Can you only increase damage it does to dinos?

    What are the settings for Ab to get 150 max dino spawns? Not including things like wyverns and rock drakes which should be level 190. Also is there a expert mode setting or just general setting?

    I see in general settings it says start with current save game. There is a option to switch it to wiped save folder (savearks folder). Is that what your talking about?

    I’m looking to server wipe so days reset. How do I do this? And will it delete characters, uploaded things in ob, and custom server settings? If it does is there a way around it? Just trying to reset days and nothing else.