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    How can I remove the buff you get after you die and respawn? its crazy the amount of stats it gives to you.. I looked i dont know what im looking for though.. thanks!!

    Thanks!! i was actually able to fuigure that out finally.. still struggling with the drop box thing from your inventory.

    You're welcome!
    What're you struggling with? I don't understand, I'm sorry.

    You know when you drop something out of your inventory? it goes into like a little package for you to pick up or someone else? the timer on that is very short i was wanting to extend that timer a little bit to give me more time to pick it up before it decomposes.

    i can't seem to keep my structures from locking in place on me? ive youtubed how to change it to make it to wehre we can pick up the structures no matter how long theyve been down but its not working? i think im doing something wrong

    also, when we drop something from our inventory it says the timer on it is super low how can i make this last longer on the ground before disappearing? i can't find anything on it for some reason.


    You shouldn't have to change anything to get wyverns to spawn. They spawn naturally on ragnarok in the trench. What changes have you made to the code so far?

    If someone is grabbing eggs they will sometimes get pulled out of the trench as well.

    i did this







    i know the spawn rates are high im lowering them. but when i went in the trench when i made the server it was completely empty nothing around at all barely any dinos at all so i coded them in but theyre basically everywhere now.


    I was able to get the wyverns to spawn on my Ragnarock server. however, theryre all over the volcano area. im trying to keep them confined around the wyvern trench area. how can i make this possible please?? ive searched everywhere for the code for that location and i can't find it..