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    as i said, actual commands do not work, ive also noticed the sheduled commands that nitrado automatically execute also appear in the same way. attached is what the sheduled commands, and the command you posted look like after (not) being executed.


    i also want to add that this could be an issue that i cant fix myself due to it being related to the websites actual design (which i obviously cant change) in which case it would have to be fixed by the nitrado team itself, which i doubt would happen

    Im unsure wether or not this is the correct place to post this, but i am currently experiencing a bug/issue with the Nitrado webinterface.

    Basically, when i input a command, whatever i write will appear in the console but the command wont be executed. Ive attached a screenshot to show what it looks like. The last 2 lines are what i input. It didnt even show the error that usually shows up when you type in an unrecongized command.