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    I tried that too last night :(

    I can try it again though, it was before the server was supposedly moved to a new hardware. Will update you thanks!

    By some miracle that seems to have worked, it did reboot twice more after the install but it seems steady for now. Thank you for the help I greatly appreciate it

    Hi, thanks for responding

    This is Space Engineers. I have tried stopping and starting it manually. Looking in the reboot logs the server reboots itself 10 times in a row then stops all together. The server does not have any mods and is mostly default settings

    I rented my server about 2 days ago and it has been stuck in a constant reboot loop for most of that time. I opened a ticket and it was eventually closed without the problem being solved. I called support yesterday and was told he would move it's hardware (even though that was already supposedly done by support) and to send my ticket to tier 2 if that didn't work.

    It did not work and I reopened the ticket last night, it has since been 13 hours and no response. Is there a specific way to escalate a ticket?