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    I enabled leveling up movement speed on flyers on my two rented servers, however the wild flyers I tame recieve points in movement speed too.

    I would like to level up movement speed on my flyers but prevent them to receive level up in movement speed after tame.

    I highly doubt there is setting for that.

    So I was wondering if it's possible to have cluster of two maps, and have enabled level ups of movement speed on one map and leave it off on second?


    I'm renting two servers for me and my three friends, each server has ten slots.

    Since I don't use remaining six slots I would like to change slots to four max.

    There is warning "To start the game server for ARK: Survival Evolved (PC), you need a server with at least 10 slots."

    How should I understand this?

    The servers are up and running, if I change slots to four, will it let me or is ten minimum number of slots to keep server operational?

    Can I lower number of slot to less than ten, to four, and keep using ARK server?

    Could someone please check what I'm doing wrong?

    I have this in my Game.ini (attachment)

    However my character in game is lvl 150, and don't receive anymore XP points.
    Long story short, me and my friends decided, that max lvl 150 is enough, but I'm still bit nervous about the lines going to lvl 198.
    Could someone help me to make:

    Max lvl 150, without chibis, and bosses
    Make it possible to learn all enagrams
    Tamed dinos lvl up 100

    Thank you!


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