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    To download a save copy to your own computer, you need to go to your servers Dashboard.

    On left-hand side, under Tools section click File Browser. After that navigate through valheim -> savedata -> worlds, there should be 2-4 files named after whatever you chose to call your World name when setting it up (By default "Dedicated").

    Clicking the green download symbol next to .fwl and .db files should prompt you to download copies on your computer.


    Hey all,

    I'm super new at renting a server so I have no idea about anything. but I am looking to download my game world I've been playing on so I can have a backup can someone please tell me how this is done. thanks in advance.

    tried this multiple times offline for 5 mins then 10 then 15 the server does not seem to update and no one can play on it.

    Really Weird cause all I did was stop the server. waited 5 minutes and started it back up. it took some time for the server to restart in only what I could guess is it downloading the update. I did have some issues at first with disconnecting once it said it was back up but after 2-3 attempts I was able to log right into my server.