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    I am trying to extend my server time but when I log into the Nitrado App, it is not showing under the servers menu. When I login directly to the website, it shows the server and that I have 5 days left. How can I extend the time if my server isn't showing in the App?

    My friend and I have decided to add Ragnarok as a second map. We both are hosting out of LA servers, he generated a cluster ID for the main map, and I put the same ID into my Cross Ark settings, we both have all of the options unchecked in Cross-Ark settings, and we both did a server reset, yet when I go to the Obelisk on the Island and hit transfer to another map, the new map does not populate. If I go to the main menu, I can go to my Ragnarok server but I have to start a new character. Anyone know why our servers aren't linking up through Cross-Ark? Also, on the Island it says "Transfer to another server" from the Obelisk but from Ragnarok it says "Upload Survivor". I dont know if that is relevant information.

    I am having issues too. I bought a server from the wrong location (NY) today and need it switched to LA but I see no way of doing that and I can't even see my current server location that it currently is in. Maybe they're having software issues today with the website.


    I just bought a server today and selected New York. Turns out I need the location to be in LA. I went to "My Services" and click on my server. There is no option to change server/host location. How can I change it from NY to LA. Thank you.


    My friend has been hosting an Island server through Nitrado for about a month now, and we want to expand the server to allow transferring back and forth to another map. Would I be able to host a separate server through Nitrado from my xbox with a different map, and then we merge into a cluster to allow for the transferring of dinos, characters, progress etc. at will, and if so will it save our progress from his server when we merge so we don't have to reset the whole server.

    Thank you