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    Hey guys,

    I've run into a conundrum trying to alter an engram on our cluster. With the latest console update, Cryopods are now craftable on every server. While it may seem insignificant, we don't want them craftable on our pvp servers because it messes with the balance that we've worked hard to create. We will "sell" a certain amount per tribe for in-game currency, but then to get more after that, you have to raid to loot them. Obviously with the new settings, you can now craft them at level 51, and while you need a tek rep to make them, they are dirt cheap to make and mess with the system we have in place.

    My issue is that I have been unable to find a code that will allow us to remove the engram from being learned, but still allow all existing and future cryos to be retained.

    We tried the "OverrideNamedEngramEntries=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_EmptyCryopod_C",EngramHidden=true)" line, and while it removed the engram, it also removed all previous instances of the item, including filled cryopods. We could still craft them in GCM, but it turns out that after the player logged off for the night, when they came back on they were gone again (server is not currently configured for daily restarts, so it never shut down in between there), which obviously creates issues going forward, because any dino you put in a cryo is gone when you log in next.

    After that we tried the "EngramEntryAutoUnlocks=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_EmptyCryopod_C",LevelToAutoUnlock=150)" line so the engram still existed, but would be unobtainable since max player level is 135 including ascensions. And while that allows the cryos to not be broken anymore, the regular engram still exists at level 51 and can be learned still, which defeats the purpose.

    My goal in this is to avoid using the "onlyallowspecifiedengrams" line. There are so many engrams in the game that it will be a pain to go and configure every single engram to be available at the specified level, just to change a single item to be at a level higher than max player level. If thats what it takes, then I will do what I have to, but if someone knows another method similar to the two above where it is just a single line code but will still allow cryos to function normally outside of actually learning the engram, please let me know for my own sanity!

    Thanks in advance.

    Hey guys,

    I've seen a couple similar posts floating about, but nothing definitive. Before we add new maps to our cluster we put them through a beta period to make sure everything is balanced and there wont be any issues when we open it to the public. With the release of Valguero, we are not only doing our normal drop modifications, stat rates, breeding, etc, but we are also testing the new map as a whole as well.

    With that said, I've noticed that certain areas of the map seem to either be very heavy with certain dinos, or missing them entirely. A perfect example is that in the Aberration cave, there are no basilisks, rock drakes, shinehorns, or featherlights. Obviously the basilisks require fertilized eggs to tame, which wont be an issue because some of our players go and get them from our Ab server and bring them to the other maps to trade with other players, and the Aberration zone just doesnt feel right without those dinos above.

    I'm trying to modify the existing dino spawn containers to add in the missing dinos, or modify the existing dinos in certain areas, but I'm not finding any luck with the container id's yet. Has anyone been able to find that info yet that can supply it to me so I can get it into the beta for testing, or that can point me in the right direction of where to find it? I appreciate any feedback and thank you in advance.

    Yeah this is a known Ark issue, not Nitrado specifically. it isnt an issue on PC, just on console, which is why some encounter it and some dont. With the release of the update the ice wyverns are all invisible and the eggs show up as dropped packages that do nothing when you pick them up. Wildcard seems to be aware so hopefully we should see an update this week with the fixes. getting killed by invisible wyverns sucks. apparently the same thing happened with the release of ragnarok when it first came out on console too

    I had this happen on Friday when the new map released, i couldnt get it to start up for almost a full day. I finally got it going but then had crashing issues on Sunday. I've found the fastest and easiest way to resolve it is to call the support number. you can submit a ticket too like others have mentioned, but they can typically tell if something is up with the server as soon as they pull up your account. I've had this happen to a couple of different servers over several times over the last 8 months or so, but the average time i spend on the phone getting it resolved is about 5-10 minutes including hold times. They answer, i let them know my user id, the ip of the affected server and what i've tried, and they move it to different hardware and 20 minutes later the issue is gone. obviously that wont be the resolution for every single case, but the support team is always super helpful whenever i call (or submit tickets, but most things can be handled quickly over a phone call).

    tldr: submit a ticket or call the support line. they are good guys that know what they are doing and are super helpful. my average time spent on the phone to resolve issues is around 5 minutes including hold times.

    I think the biggest lead we have is that it may have something to do with whether the player is set to show Online or Offline on the console itself. The reality is though that it shouldnt matter. Even if a player is set to show offline on the console, if they are online in the server you can see their info, so Nitrado obviously picks it up. So the issue is that when they go offline from the server, the Player log doesnt retain that info, and THAT is the true problem. The data is getting picked up, but is not consistently being retained in the system. You look in the log files? The player is shown logging on and off. They are online on the server? Their PSN or XBox name shows up in the online players list. They go offline from the server? That same name that shows up in the other two instances may or may not display in the offline list. So we know what the issue is, the real question is how is it fixed? Thats the key component...

    The original post was regarding PS4, not Microsoft, so that info was added after the fact as a similarity, but is also indication that something’s going on that Nitrado isn’t recognizing player ids for some reason.

    The idea that it only registers people who have had their online status set to appear online is an interesting theory, but still yields problems if that’s the case since there are people who NEVER show online. How can you permanently get rid of people who break your server rules if you can’t even rely on the only tools you have?

    Hi guys, we run a cluster of 5 maps, 4 pvp 1 pve and have run into this before but it seems to be getting progressively worse.

    We’ve noticed that when we go to ban players who have already logged off or we didn’t find out about the issue until they were offline, there is a very good chance that their psn does NOT show up at all in the player lists when you show offline players from the Nitrado web interface.

    We need to be able to remove players from all 5 maps, but a lot of times the names won’t show up, even though we KNOW they’ve spent a decent amount of time on the map. We can even find their base sometimes but yet they don’t show up.

    Ideally what would be great is a way to manually enter a psn and have it added to the ban list whether they’ve been on the server or not, but I know that doesn’t exist.

    So the real issue here is that toxic players can just pop back onto the server and we have to catch them online to remove them from the Nitrado side because for whatever reason they don’t show up otherwise.

    So two things...are others having the same issue? And is there something I’m missing that could make this whole thing a lot easier.

    Right now it’s pretty much 2/3 of the time that the person we are trying to ban does not show up on any given map. Sometimes we can catch them on one map but not the others.

    Any insight is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this has been started somewhere else or not since I'm unable to find anything existing, but if so please point me in the right direction...

    When going through the different logs on the web interface of the servers we have, I have a really hard time figuring out what timezones each of the different logs and options are in.

    When setting up the automatic restarts, it appears to be EST time (currently UTC-4).

    When looking at the log files, it appears to be several hours ahead of my time zone (CST/CDT, currently UTC-5) and may or may not be the same as the Map Save Backup, not sure.

    When trying to perform a Map Save Backup, it seems to be as far ahead as UTC+2, or maybe UTC+4, but i'm not sure since the most recent log file is delayed by up to a couple of hours at a time it seems.

    If there's anywhere else that I'm forgetting, feel free to add that as well.

    If anyone can clear up exactly what timezone each part corresponds to, it would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Hey guys, I'm working on adding the Aberration dinos to Ragnarok because our PVE server is locked to dino and item transfers so the people on our PVP servers cant use it as a "raid-free-storage-bank." So, I'm having the dinos from Ab spawn naturally on the map so our PVE'rs have a chance to get the Ab dinos too. The Ab specific dinos are pretty straightforward, pick a container, enter the weight, character string and spawn percentage, done. (Although im still not 100% sure about the values of the weight and spawn percentage but thats probably for a different post).

    So here is my bigger question...I'm going to have the Aberrant versions of the dinos spawn in the same containers as their normal counterparts, but I'm not sure what to have the spawn weight set as so they dont overtake the containers. I want them to spawn more than tek dinos, but less than the originals.

    The auto engrams, config crafting overrides, and spawn entries need to be added to the game.ini file, not the gameusersettings.ini, so once those codes are moved to the correct file you should be good to go (as far as i can tell anyway). As far as the breeding multipliers, we have it set at .05 on our public pvp servers and its about 1.5-2 hours between matings. On our private servers, we have it set at .003 and its about 6 minutes between breeding cycles.

    So it's now 50% working. We regenerated the cluster ID, disabled showcreativemode, and the servers are NOT password protected. Additionally, all upload/download options are enabled for both servers, and it works going from PVP to PVE correctly, but when you go from PVE to PVP, it destroys the character when you try to download it. When you access an obelisk or transmitter with the new character, it then loads all of the previous items onto your current inventory.

    Ok, ill have to give that a shot. I generated the ID after the fix was already completed, but maybe theres something with that first link up. i heard someone else say that the setting showcreativemode needs to be set to false to avoid issues too? In the grand scheme thats a small price to pay to have the cluster working correctly, but it would also be nice if we didnt have to disable the menu option. all in all, im glad the issues were able to be resolved for the cluster issue

    Anyone else having the transferred character deleted when trying to download now that the bug has been fixed? i try to transfer from one server to another and it gives the option to spawn character, and then stalls out and pulls up the create new character screen, with no option to download. when you create the new character, its like it then syncs up and populates all the items you had once you start moving, but your character is lost for good.