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    CUR8Y Try this out. I dont remember where I found the original document, but you can enter the values that you have set in your ini file and the rest of the values for every creature will auto adjust so you can see what will imprint to what percent and how often, percent per, etc. It really helped me out a lot. So you can use it to double check your values to see if something got reverted to a previous value or not or tweak it how you want.


    Sorry to double post but i may have answered my own question here: Can anyone confirm that because I have the Gacha coding for the Tundra on a separate command line than the Velo that is also spawning in the Tundra then it wont work? Am i right in saying to be able to code both the Velo and the Gacha within the Tundra spawn area that they both have to be on the same command line? As per below??

    ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntriesTundra_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="Velona (EX)",EntryWeight=0.125,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Spindles_Character_BP_C")),(AnEntryName="Gacha (EX)",EntryWeight=1.0,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Gacha_Character_BP_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Spindles_Character_BP_C", MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.125)),(AnEntryName="Gacha (EX)",EntryWeight=1.0,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Gacha_Character_BP_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Gacha_Character_BP_C", MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.2)))

    It looks like you didnt include the gacha string in the first half of the code, and then double posted the "NPCSpawnLimits=" code. I've adjusted your code and it should be good now. give it a shot.

    ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntriesTundra_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="Velona (EX)",EntryWeight=0.125,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Spindles_Character_BP_C")),(AnEntryName="Gacha (EX)",EntryWeight=1.0,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Gacha_Character_BP_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Spindles_Character_BP_C", MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.125)),((NPCClassString="Gacha_Character_BP_C", MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.2)))

    I agree with the above. I use Beacon for all of our drops. Ours are definitely modded differently than official, but even using ragnarok as an example, i have spawn modifications, adding abb dinos to rag, stacking mods, engram mods, crafting requirement mods, AND mods to all of the available drops on the map, as well as fishing and alpha creatures, and have no problem with space in the ini. (to clarify, when I say "mod" I mean modification to the .ini file since im on PS4). But like I said, i use Beacon for all of my drop mods. if you know what comes out of the official drops, you would just need to re-add them and then add your desired "extras", export the ini code, and then copy it and paste it into the game.ini file/web interface/expert settings. Personally, I use a program called "Sublime" (free software that is used for coding/programming/developing) to paste all of my codes into so i can keep a running save file of my changes and essentially "queue" the changes for updates to our cluster. so i can make changes to that file on the go, and then when i have it how I want, i just take the server offline, copy the entire page of code and then paste it into the expert settings. done and done.

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a way to completely remove wild bee hives from the maps using an ini line. With the hives stacking so many times per spot it causes a lot of excess lag as a result. We will be "selling" queen bees in our in-game shop to compensate for it, but if theres a way to remove the wild hives that would be great. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance!

    are you any of you experiencing full wipes or check the logs for hang detected and or crash stack errors

    we experienced a full wipe on our center server. had to roll it back to about 2pm central time yesterday (22/sept). Our abb server hasnt been showing in the list at all, but ive restarted it several times attempting to get it going so if there were crash stacks im sure they got overwritten by now. i did notice a drop in backup file size that im currently attempting to roll it back to now based on other comments in other threads. if that doesnt work ill take it back to the same time frame as we had to do the center

    looks like some servers are coming back up. Just got told by one of my Xbox users he was able to get back in.

    survivetheark posted on their twitter feed that connections should be either resolved or resolved shortly. im going to wait until we hear here though personally

    posting this screenshot just for reference.

    Like Rondeau04 stated though its better to just shut the servers completely down for now to prevent additional issues. that way it stops the timers on them and you dont lose progress on tames and stuff

    We had 3 servers do the same thing and are completely inaccessible. This looks like another data center issue like a couple of weeks ago. DOAGEN are you able to confirm if the team is aware of an issue? All of my servers are in the New York data center, which is the one that issues the two times previously

    I have ours set at 45x mature with .058 imprint interval, so it translates to about 25 minute imprint intervals. it allows for 100% imprint on all but 3 dinos, the lystro, the dodo, and the archaeopteryx. Theres not much room for error though, but wyverns and rexes mature in about 2 hours with 25% imprint each time. here is a google doc that I found from digging through reddit looking for a similar answer previously. it allows you to change the settings variables and see how it affects the imprinting for every dino. super handy.

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with our servers where they are getting massive lag spikes later in the afternoon/early night and tonight our val pve server crashed entirely, and it seems a couple of our other servers are close to doing the same. Since support is closed, im turning here to see if anyone else is experiencing issues as well. Theres been 2 issues in the past couple of weeks where the New York data center had some form of problem that affected numerous servers, and the second time was a few days ago with the same type of thing. now tonight just now, our server lagged super bad and then crashed, and now is giving the timeout error when trying to join in again. ive tried restarting the server and stopping it entirely, but its no different.

    I know there is nothing that can fix it from the forum side. im just trying to get an idea if there is something going on or not so i can relay some kind of information to our players.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

    Its a known bug in ARK. They have it listed in their forums. It has been a bug for nearly 3yrs. I stopped allowing folks in transferring their characters.

    Typically if I know its update day, I remind folks to not use their CA. I am not aware of any work around.

    If you are transferring and losing your character after logging out, the workaround is to kill your character after each transfer. its tedious, but its what we tell people on our cluster and the only people who continue to have issues are the ones that transfer literally every 5 minutes between several servers and do not kill their characters. if you kill your character it forces the character data to sync to the map so the game has a reference point of where your character is actually supposed to be. its a pain for sure, but its better than losing your character

    Same issue here on xbox with a ragnarok server, went down, tried shutting it down and restarting, no one can connect failed to find server address

    Where is your server hosted? Something similar happened a few weeks ago where the entire New York Database had major issues and hundreds of servers were inaccessible. i really hope this isnt a repeat of that

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get a hold of support, but wanted to check here in the meantime. About an hour ago both of our Val servers became completely inaccessible. They show as started fine, and I tried shutting down both servers and letting them sit for a little bit and then restarting them, but they still time out when trying to log into them. It never goes to the loading screen, it just says "joining" and then times out. If it was just a single server Id be less suspicious, but for both of them to go down at once is a little odd.

    For one- you arent suppose to used both. Pick one, and stay with that one. Nearly everything you need to do is done in the WebUI, Engine Settings. And for the minor tweaks, FTP. I dont use Expert settings at all and have had zero issues with my ini files.

    Mine just doesnt like me then. I always have to make sure that they match in general, expert, AND crossark (if applicable) or it wont work right and the expert ini file gets overwritten. ive just made it a habit to check all 3 locations, or at least general and expert, and make sure they match and that prevents any issues

    Hi Everyone,

    I know there are multiple issues around cross-ark as mentioned in other threads, but I'm curious if anyone has actually heard of these issues being addressed at all. Every update that wildcard releases the issues get worse. People are being disconnected from their tribes, and more severely, are losing their characters altogether. After transferring between servers/maps, when you log out, there is a good chance your character data will be deleted from your account, so even though your character still exists, and you can see it laying there, there is no way at all to regain control of it. So any levels, engrams, or ascension that youve completed is gone and you are no longer associated with your tribe.

    What we've been doing on our cluster is giving the players their levels back, but we obviously cant help them with boss tek engrams and ascensions, and its a risk every time we force join their tribe that it may just up and merge our tribe with theirs. We are replacing a minumum of 1 character a day if not more, and I know a recommendation is to disable character transfers, but thats not really feasible for our cluster setup. We have our pve servers isolated from pvp to avoid them being used as storage banks, but characters can transfer out. If we disable character transfers that completely breaks that setup and isolates our pve players even more.

    So my ultimate question....if there are so many issues around cross ark, are the devs actually working to address it, or is it being pushed to the back as a lowest priority thing? We are starting to lose players because of it, and we can only mitigate it for so long.