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    Wondering if anyone has a definitive answer for this because I haven't found one online, can we run events on our server even though it's not currently running on officials? Like if you put -ActiveEvent=vday is it going to run the Valentine's Day event? I've tried in the past and it doesn't seem to work, but I don't know why they'd give us this option if we can't even use it when we'd like

    Just looking to know if I'm wasting my time trying to get this to work

    My server is back working, updating for anyone who might have this issue:

    I didn't change anything, all I did was shut down my server, went into General and saved, went into my Expert Settings and saved the GameUserSettings.ini and Game.ini, and then started it back up and for some reason it works now. I didn't even make any changes, just saved everything, doesn't even make sense but it worked. I suppose it could have been a Nitrado issue and the timing is coincidence but I don't know. Literally makes no sense.

    Up until this morning my Ark server was working fine, now it's not listed in the game no matter how many times I refresh the server list, or how many times I restart it or shut it down and start it again, it doesn't have any server info in my dashboard (for example "0/16 players") and when I click add to server list it gives me an error "Add to Serverlist Failed to create server list entry. Please try again later." so even Nitrado can't seem to find it, and even just restarting it seems to take an abnormally long time

    Any help? Anyone else having trouble with their Ark server today?