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    It seems that the default version for the server is 19.6 but on steam we can only install 19.5 and there is no way of changing this to 19.5? Would be great if we had an option of versions instead of just stable and experimental

    Now my server just seems to be up for 2-3 minutes then restarts cool..

    Edit: ok, stopping the server completely doesn't do anything, as it quite literally just restarts constantly??


    I installed Exile Namalsk onto my arma 3 server, but when users try to join via the arma 3 standard launcher it can't find the @namalsk mod and when trying to join via a workshop one (the closest one I could find…443165&searchtext=namalsk) it kicks me for invalid exile .pbo even though i'm running the latest version.

    Is there a way of updating the exile mod via the web panel or am I forced to download it again then FTP upload to my server?


    I have just noticed that the server is running @Exile not @ExileMod? Are the modpacks outdated?

    I'm having the same issue, maybe 1-2 hours maximum uptime last 24 hours. Ridiculous!! I just tried to connect and played around 5 minutes before the server booted and refused all connections including rcon..