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    im not angry at the forum mods at all, at no point in my comment did i direct anything towards them, apart from pointing out the fact that they dont know whats going on just like us.

    lol it even seem's like your not even being told what is going on, i FINALLY got a reply to my ticket and it was full of trash "these problems were fixed in a 2 hour period after initial report and your web interface is now available" which is completely false because i was having the problem consistantly 3 DAYS after the initial report and being told that the issue has now be resolved is also rubbish because ive had the exact same thing happening even today, so honestly it just seems to me like has been said previously, they just keep the flood gates coming through for new servers to be sold when they clearly cant handle the load but want all of the money, trash service, overloaded support staff and ill informed forum moderators, disapointing really.

    yeah i honestly wish i would have checked out the forum etc before i commited to buying a server for a month, funny thing is i was looking into other companies but remembered i payed for an ark server a couple years back and had no issue's, and for me the most frustrating thing is the absolute lack of respect for the hundred's, maybe more, of customers that nitrado obviously dont care about enough to even put out a statement, do the moderator's here not have any communication with higher up's? Dont understand at all, will for sure be putting in for a refund after seeing this thread, my mind is blown.