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    I'm also blown at the criminality of the whole thing, selling non existant products to hundreds of people, who are then expected to wait days for a ticket reply. the refund process at this point could take a week or more just to get a refund sorted.

    The lack of communication is unbelievable, GPortal and other server providers stop selling once there servers are full, nitrado just keep on charging people knowing that they can't fulfill the contract we have entered.

    I will be contacting trading standards in the morning to compain about nitrado and there policys.

    As we are still covered by the distance selling regulations, and im fuming that 2 days after i bought a months server hosting, still can't even access the control panel let alone use the server.

    Nitrado are the worst server hosting i've ever used, gtx gaming may be more expensive, but tickets are reply'd to within 5-10 mins even during the weekends

    So what i'd like to know, why are they selling servers they cannot fulfill due to servers at maximum capacity.

    Basically selling a non existant product, in uk that is illegal and classed as a scam.

    This is a problem that is affecting all your players, gb location suspected.

    Trying to have a technical conversation with a service that takes days to get reply is pointless, server will have run out of runtime before we finish help through tickets.

    We don't need anyone to look at our accounts, just get a message to a technical agent who can fix your broken servers.

    Nitrado servers are at fault here, is there no-one who can look into this matter.