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    To let everyone know: we just rang up the support in the us and got told, Both the Frankfurt and London servers are being upgraded because there at maximum capacity and this situation with being unable to access servers and the interface may be going on for a cupple of weeks. we have requested a refund on our service.

    Hmm, wonder if they'll issue refunds or more server time due to this if that's the case. I have one located at Frankfurt and have no issues with web interface access currently. Its just super slow to restart the server etc.

    thank you for updating br1tishbeast. I've came across some people not using the +1 on the ports. Make sure you check that as well.

    Nah my ports are fine, just taking a while on server restart, but it could still be configuring itself. I've had to also manually extend my original server to keep my files there, as if you change locations, it cancels your current server.

    so just out of curiosity i changed locations of my server, low and behold i can access my web interface perfectly fine with no issues. I guess its just an issue with UK based servers.

    its been 3 days with no access to my web interface now, yet no replies to the support tickets, nor a valid update from anyone at the company in regards to these issues. Absolutely outrageous for a company to not so much as update you on what is going on. Not to mention the fact that i've lost 3 days of usage now and probably won't get any kind of compensation towards this other than to just pay for more days. This is really grinding my gears, the fact they responded to a ticket quicker for an ARK server than they have for valheim doesn't make sense at all if its a reply as received system.