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    I called the service line last night and asked specifically what was happening, Alex, as nice as he seemed, deliberately avoided my question had a look at my account and said 'Oh i see the problem, give it a couple of minutes and it should be up and running again'. I asked him if this would stop the disconnects and he said yes, 10 minutes later, disconnects still happened. Called through again got Alex again, he then proceeded to try and do something to 'boost the performance' of my server which he said would leave it inaccessible for 10-15 minutes. 3 Hours later it was still processing and i had to force stop it, retrieve my data and begin hosting peer to peer.

    Unfortunately, even with contacting support, they seem to not want to give an actual answer as to what the issue is. I'd actually have appreciated a straightforward honest answer and been more likely to have stuck it out if there'd be more willingness to show transparency. For these reasons i've forwarded my complaints through to a ticket and have asked for a refund as it just leaves me with no faith for my service to be upheld.

    I'm actually getting close to demanding a refund here. This is ridiculous, I don't care how popular the game is I'm paying for a service and i expect that service to be provided. I only bought a server yesterday and the game is completely unplayable!

    Fix your infrastructure