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    I'm sorry you're all still having issues. Moderators do not have access to your servers or accounts. When it comes to support tickets they are answered in the order they're received. They can take up to 24 hours sometimes longer depending on the size of the queue.

    I woudk try calling support during the open phone hours or reaching out via Skype. I know its frustrating and again I do apologize for the connection issues.

    I appreciate that this is not within your control, but this is 100% not the issue here.

    The issue is that Nitrado's serverhost is dying on a loop, it can't stay online and from all of the warnings regarding server load they've been giving out since last night, it's clearly a Nitrado problem that Nitrado needs to fix, or at the very least acknowledge

    How does one go about requesting a refund? If you could sign post me to that, that would be quite helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

    Just an update to let people know the server has not been able to stay online for longer than seven minutes for the past several hours, no word from Nitrado here nor on socials, no status updates. Nothing.

    I've been informed this has been happening since late hours of last night.

    And I've given up.

    Aye... Also asking for a refund. Will take the five minutes it'll take to advise everyone through steam discussions to not rent through Nitrado, just to save them the hassle. No ill will towards Nitrado and I'm sure they'll sort it eventually but at the end of the day it is what it is, a dedicated sever that isn't working is of no use to anybody.


    Screenshot - ec92eeaf5819f4f64af0afb87554d304 - Gyazo

    5th time since 7am, and, according to users, was happening last night too as nobody could get on / kept getting disconnected. What's happening? If this is a consistent thing I'll just host a dedicated myself.

    First server performance is poor, and the repsonse I got from the ticket was to inform me that CPU throttling on their Valheim servers had been adjusted so performance should be dramatically improved now nobody can get on at all because the hostsystem keeps going offline.

    Not happy.

    So I've been hosting my own private server for a while now on a spare machine I've got laying around. It's not impressive, 16gb of ram an old 5820k CPU. Virgin media broadband 500mbp/s 40mbp/s upload. The server ran very well, with needing a restart about once per 24 hours. Heavy traffic, 8 players who pretty much stick together, no problem.

    I decided to host through Nitrado for accessibility for when I'm not around and to save on the electric bill, but honestly performance on a Nitrado server has been awful for Valheim. Constant restarts, ports open, tried everything I am able to. Can't so much as cut down three trees without massive desync and server lag. It's not a local issue either, all five other players are having the exact same experience.

    If I can run a private server, I'm not sure why it's being so bad here. If others are renting for Valheim and having a good experience I'd like to know that it's just an issue with my server, so I can look to resolve it and not cancel.