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    Has anybody had anysort of response from them at all? Email or via a phonecall?

    Our server lasts for at maximum seven minutes before the CPU tanks and it all goes off for a few minutes.

    Ah also if you're struggling to get steam to find your serve ror it's simply sayign that it's unavailable just connect to the server through Valheim in-game.

    To do that just rename your server so that you can browse it by name. Worked for me.

    I do constantly have this message displaying however, regardless of that people are able to connect. I just wish the server wasn't so laggy. As much as I like Nitrado when it comes to Valheim it's been pretty bad, at least in my experience so far. As mentioned above I've hosted a private server with much better performance, as has a friend. That shouldn't really be happening with low-spec server machines and commercial internet that's behind the times.


    Unfortunately, it is possible that your server cannot be found in the game. We have explained in more detail how you can find your server in our Nitradopedia. ->

    Absolutely nothing to do with it. Not a game problem. Server lag is SERVER lag. I've hosted a private server, which has had 7 players running through dungeons together, huge builds in condensed areas, etc. Server needs a restart maybe once every 24 hours but is otherwise smooth as butter. A friend also runs his own private server, same experience. Neither of us have exceptional internet, nor powerful server machines and both run extremely well.

    I don't know why Nitrado Valheim servers are lagging, but they are and I need it fixing because this is borderline unplayable.