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    A post already exists and has been addressed.

    If it is a major update, the server will just restart. In the one today this will happen.

    Link: When will my ARK server update when ARK has an update? [ALL platforms]

    Thank you for your response, but you did not address my question.

    Also I now have another question; Do you mean that my STOPPED server will automatically START without any notification when the update is complete? (We have it STOPPED because we have baby dinosaurs that we cannot feed and are in danger of starving)

    Once again, Will there be any sort of post or notification when the update is rolled out? I'm guessed from the posts that I have already searched for and read that the answer is NO. It just happens when the Nitrado Admin does it without any sort of process for communication.


    I just received a new prompt on my server control panel.
    "We are aware of the missing update, and our team is working diligently to resolve this. Thank you in advance for your patience."
    Underneath this there is a button "Inform me when the situation is resolved"
    I clicked this button and now I assume I will receive an email when the update is ready.

    I understand that we have to wait for Nitrado to update the servers and be patient.

    My question is how do we know when the update is ready? My server has a lot of baby dinos currently being raised and we stocked them with enough food to last while we were at work. Now we need to feed them before they starve, so I just shut down the server. Am I susposed to just try and start the server every 20 minutes and see if Nitrado has updated it? Will there be a post or any sort of communication when the update is getting rolled out?

    Thank you.

    (To clarify, Steam automatically updated our clients so we have no way to feed our dinos at the moment because we cannot connect to the server until it gets updated.)