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    I'm not sure how, but connecting via steam finally worked if I refreshed and IMMEDIATELY clicked connect before the port changes. Was finally able to get in that way.

    I called customer support, and they said they were able to connect to my server. I followed the connect via steam guide, but the below image is what appears. The game column is blank, and when I connect I get a "is not currently playing on any game server" error. When I refresh it lowers the port by -1, and then says "Server is not responding."

    When I press refresh in steam, which I'm assuming is the update button, it changes from Query port to Rcon port (minus one number essentially), and then displays as not responding. Not sure what that means or if I've missed a step.

    Trying to connect via steam gives me a "is not currently playing on any game server." Server doesn't appear on community servers either. Will be refunding shortly if this is not resolved.