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    I contacted support as well but have not heard back from them regarding the ticket I created. The server is also now allowing me to add to server favorites but like someone previously mentioned, it doesn't state that it is running game. It also says that the server is at 0 / 64 players but my server should only be 10. The latency is 60ms but what is the point if no game is actually being hosted, even those the server clearly states online for Valheim but it is also clearly showing the incorrect number of available slots on the server. There must be some sort of major disconnect with how these servers are being created through Nitrado.

    Game: *Blank*

    Players: 0 /64

    Should be a 10 slot server

    Map: *Server Name*

    With ARK this field is the actual map variant, ie 'Ragnarok' but for some reason it just uses the server name you entered. Since the maps are procedural I don't think this matters but it does seem strange to not just contain a seed identifier or whatever Valheim uses.

    Latency: 60

    Has anyone figured anything out? Last night my server just continuously restarted and now as soon as I try to start the server it comes up, does a few restarts, and then it shuts down completely. I have uninstalled the game from the server and then reinstalled and I get the same results. I have installed the server over 20+ times so I don't believe it is a bad install, it just appears as if the server is missing something entirely that the game is requiring to activate.

    I keep seeing this from the Live Server Console log and then afterwards it immediately starts the server reset process:

    "Couldn't create a Convex Mesh from source mesh "RearBig" within the maximum polygons limit (256). The partial hull will be used. Consider simplifying your mesh."