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    I was having problems finding my server. The problem seems to come from the game and not Nitrado. I give my tip that can be useful to others.

    The problem you describe is not solved with your workaround; it's "bypassed". The server doesn't show in the server list; it should appear there - that you can login on the server through direct connect is something else and while it lets you play on the server; your server is still not "published" as it should be -> invisible to everyone who doesn't have the IP

    Well Valheim is intended as a coop game, not a PVP one. The only PVP option available has to be set by each player who wants to PVP; but really it's more like a duel thing.

    I'm not sure that file is even used; I can connect to my server with the settings I have set in the interface; so it ignores this shell file altogether - dunno if the automated restart uses this however. However it does look like some people actually use this :

    I just cant find it on the ARK server lists.

    That's a good thing for a Valheim server I guess... but yeah same issue for me; mildly annoying at least we can direct connect to the server but it's rather unintuitive for some people.

    I have the same issue as OP; yes adding the server to the steam server list works well as a workaround to join the server; but that is not really the main issue - it should appear on the list of servers. Now I don't know if it's a Nitrado thing; or an actual bug with the game server code itself...