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    Pretty glad I found this thread, I am losing it. Had mine for three days now its unplayable, kicks everyone off every 10-15mins and is undiscoverable for about 2-3mins after that.

    I havent been able to get a real non-generic response from support ticket for a few days, currently paying for nothing but stress.

    Few friends are playing on a another host server with no issue which leads me to the conclusion its Nitrado end.


    I bought a Valheim server three days ago and it has been almost entirely unusable. Every 10-15mins it disconnects everyone, isn't discoverable for about 2-3mins and then comes back up.

    I raised a ticket, got a response ignoring my specific questions but saying they could move to different hardware. Ok, lets do it. No response for a day. So I raised a follow up ticket, and got the exact same response ignoring my questions again... Now I am back in the spot of not receiving a response and I am paying for a service that isn't being delivered. It is really frustrating and I am trying to give them time, but being ignored and having my server time tick down does not sit right.

    Not sure what else I can do, do they have a complaints procedure?