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    Heya, again, BeybiFace

    Thank you for the Answer and solution, wasn't thinking that deep into the Scripts, more like a normal setting... Sometimes the Brain doesn't start that fast as it was in the younger age. *laughs*. Thx for the Script parts, that comes in handy if we start again with funny things like Stores and stuff like that :) *Saved on Desk*. But i hope they going to do something with the allready existing SaveZones so we have like NPC's Traders from the Dev's. Thx again and have a good one !

    Greets Tom


    I can create a safe zone, but damage is taken within the zone. how do i solve this problem

    Hey BeybiFace

    i think one of the biggest Problems is, that they didn't realy in use atm. The Safezone as it self at this time just some Type of Visual. I think we are only able to fully customize that stuf if the Dev's of Scum allready fully implemented the Safezone with it's full use. Like npc's are there, or they are fill'ed with some other things. Same for the Zombs, im pretty sure they can't spawn there anymore if they are finish'd... atm i see some of them wandering trough the Area and even attack you.... think this won't happen if they are done, probbably even with a Spawnblock or somethink like that. Maybe i'm wrong but i didn't finde any settings or configs so far.


    Exactly same for PC. I try'd the upload so many times after 20-30mins i saw that it had to be png. Btw i just put the files on this Website : JPG in PNG – Wandeln Sie JPG in PNG it's a converter or what ever exactly it's call'd and then i just reuploadet them, after one full Restart whole Map was fixed, all Grids show'n up, Warfog was again same, was the perfect fix for me. (If it is not allowed to put some Links in this Forum i'm sorry for that, just try to get the peeps fast back to the sea ;) (So far it is only the Pictures they are bugged out because of another File-Version (Converted file or how ever its call'd, right?)

    Mfg Tom !