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    I take it, it getting to that time, where my patience is running out - Ive been a customer here for years, but im really tired of how they dont communicate ever when something doesnt work.

    This is two picture of my server as it sits right clearly Nitrado is the ones having the issues...considering other services is still running their servers just fine.



    Yeah If only Nitrado would actually just tell us something, but they just keep saying the same bullshit you tell a year old 5 "try and direct connect" .... which doesnt do anything whn the whole issue is their servers.


    Since they did the update yesterday my server isnt running.

    It says its installed but when adding it to my servers on steam, the server shows up as a server with no game installed and 0/64 players on it.

    Considering its a 10 player server...

    What gives?