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    I've done everything. Moved all the files in C:...\IronGate\Valheim\worlds to the /valheim/savedata/worlds on the server. Everytime we I then try to connecto the world via steam or direct ip in game, it wont load at all. I can run the default "Dedicated" world no problem, but getting my old world is a no go.

    Any and all help would be appreciated, thanks!

    make sure you change the world name in settings to the exact same as your file is called in worlds folder i made mistake of thinking i had change it to the seed name from single player but once i changed it to the file name in worlds folder it worked


    We have since made changes and improvements to Valheim servers. The CPU

    limiter has been adjusted which should drastically improve the performance of

    Valheim servers

    reply i got from support after 2 days has anyone noticed any difference lag desync wise ?? dont have any buddys online today to test mine but we couldn't play on it just 3 of us

    never mind it not showing in list when it does show more than 1 person on it and its dsync central and unusable 36hrs no help from support with issues glad I only paid for 3 day trial to test it first...cancelled

    My server is getting a huge lag and then it disconnects all players and server is unjoinable, after some time when I can join server with other players the server gets a rollback (around 20 min), happened already 3 times in short time distances, so right now there is no point playing on server like this.

    Mines same 24 hrs not been able to play on huge lag get that top left icon flashing like a USB icon then kicks us and rolls back glad I only paid for 3 day test ....walks away from nitrado btw still waiting for ticket reply 16hrs later great support 👍