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    Anyone else getting really bad lag?

    I've pinged the server and it's going up to 70k+ms. Other servers or when a friend hosts it's fine but this server is killing me.

    Just wondering if it's only me.

    At least your server is playable...Still haven't been able to use mine since I purchased it yesterday afternoon.

    I purchased my Valheim server yesterday afternoon, and it's yet to work once. I waited literally all day for it to "Install" and apparently it finished at around 3:20am per the email I received. I got on this morning and saw my game server on the Valheim server list, tried to connect to it but there was a version mismatch. I've reset the server multiple times and now it doesn't show up on the server list at all, even with the wrong version. I tried to direct connect to it via steam as well using IP and port...It pulled in the server name but shows server is not currently running any game. I'm unwilling to try to backup world, backup settings, reinstall etc. because I have nothing to backup or reinstall, it hasn't worked since day1. I realize Valheim is a new early access game, and there is a huge rush for server hosts to jump on the bandwagon and ride the new wave of customers seeking servers, but please make sure you can provide good service for said game before deciding to host it.