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    If you are concerned about your ini settings, you can use 'Configuration Profile' to save them. That way in an event you do lose them you can revert back.

    Perfect, you'll have to forgive my naivety regarding the Nitrado interface, with our last host I straight up used the .ini files and ftp, so this is a little awkward for me, I appreciate the head's up, I'll take a look at that in the morning. :)

    Not bad at all! I've been doing this kinda work in addition to development, IT stuff, and software development for over 30 years. I would recommend you shift the drop shadows to reflect the point light on the background image for continuity and project flow, but other than that I think it looks fantastic!

    So I have a question for the community, as of right now we're still running the UI configuration for our server. I'm interested in switching to Expert mode but was really put off by the wording about what could change. My biggest concern is that we like our current settings and we don't want to lose them by switching over. Currently we're running 4x in the panel which if I'm not mistaken is 8x in reality and the setup is perfect. So a few questions:

    1. If we put in a ticket, will the Nitrado team convert it over to Expert mode with our current settings remaining unchanged?

    2. If I switch it manually to expert mode will I end up losing my current settings?

    3. Will it affect any builds already on our map?

    As you can imagine, we've got some great builds already and I really don't want to lose them just so I can fine tune the server. I'd like to get the Expert mode settings adjusted to a standard 4x event rate that reflects that of official, but keep my other settings.

    Looking for some advice and to alleviate the many concerns I have on switching over to it.

    We were having a similar issue last night ourselves. Between consistent timing out and the server not appearing to be there, there were also issues with Reliable overflow errors and our player count still isn't showing when the server does post. I'm on the server right now with no issue however, my wife and I (who pay for the server) are usually able to get on every time we try with no timeouts, but anyone else we've invited to it don't see the server or it times out.