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    UseCorpseLifeSpanMultiplier=VALUE (The higher the number, the longer your bag will stay there)
    You can also use GlobalItemDecompositionTimeMultiplier=VALUE (This will increase the timers for all loot bags, whether it be dinos/vaults/players!
    Hope this helps.

    Yeah, I use metal gates to tame it and make sure to keep feeding it narc. 400-500 darts with normal settings is normal.

    Have you made any changes to the dino resistance?

    Also was the giga trapped? Sometiems if the giga is constantly moving and there is gaps in tranqs it can take a lot of darts.

    I have now - because it feels so slow.
    I think this must just be how it is now. I have thousands of hours into Official - and it would never take 400-500 darts.
    I've always used metal dino gates, thats not the problem.

    Anyway, appreciate your help!
    I decided to mess with the dino resistance and it feels a lot more smooth and genuine now.

    Server was just stuck in restart mode last night.
    Come today, it restarts - and appears online. I just cant find it on the ARK server lists.
    It appears a lot of people are having this problem though, at least I'm not alone.


    You change the wild dino resistance right from your server settings. When it comes to gigas though that is normal. Their torpor regenerates very quickly. We're you using a crossbow or normal box? Also what level was the bow primitive or ascendant.

    It wasn't with a bow nor a crossbow. It was with a long neck, I definitely would not sit there with a bow/crossbow. I don't have the patience.
    These are ascendant long necks, that range from very high stats. We're using like 400-500 darts per Giga..

    I have seemed to have run into a problem, where wild dinosaurs torpor is extremely high, and it it also drains extremely fast fast.
    I have a friend that just attempted to tame a 135 wild giga on our server, 150 being the max.. and he had a torpor of 90k that drained by the second if you stopped shooting him. In the end, we used over 800 tranqs to tame him.

    How can I fix this?
    Please help.