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    As it is NO secret to this forums I have been in constant battle with Nitrado DAILY since an update BY THEM (admitted by one of their employees) in December has caused my server to constantly crash and roll back EVERY time I try to log in. Any and everyone else can log on just fine but not me.

    I JUST NOW hung up with phone with Nitraddo support over the crashing issue. I talked to (spelling may be a little off but anyways) and he FINALLY solved the issue and mystery of why I am constantly crashing the server. Are You all ready to find out HOW to stop your server from crashing? If so scroll down to find out his reason for the crash

    My server crashes ALL the time with only me trying to log on BECAUSE... YOU READY???? and I quote Ivan

    "The people on my server are NOT doing their tames and their base the exact way I do mine." Phew that was a load off my shoulders I was actually dumb enough to THINK it was an actual issue for Nitrado to fix. Mind TOTTALLY BLOWN!!!

    The sad thing is this THESE ARE THE PEOPLE LEFT IN CHARGE OF HELPING US WITH OUR ISSUES! Way to go Nitrado you make me proud "rolling eyes"

    Well I would tell you all to contact Nitrado but lets face it THEY SUCK when it comes to this issue. My server has been doing this since December and Nitrado is now to the point of calling me a liar about the rollbacks. All they will do is constantly switch the machines you are on, tell you to reinstall your server (you lose everything) or it is YOUR FAULT due to settings. So to sum it up Nitrado dont give a crap and refuse to man up and admitt it is THEIR FAULT! One of their workers even told me back in December when my issues first started that they made the servers more sensitive to the settings. So the settings I used for OVER 2 years ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE ISSUE!!!! So what should you do? Well according to Nitrado you are supposed to reset your settings basically back to default because if you dont well its YOUR FAULT or you are a LIAR when you say that they rolled it back!

    It has gone to the point that the settings they reveresed on my account is wrong and causing the issue. Once again they say they did not do it and it is my fault! I guess to sum it up get used to not playing the server you paid for. Mine is paid up for 710 days and I can not use it. I can care less about what i post here since all that is left is for them to ban me from a game i CANT play on a server that BOOTS and rollsback EVERYTIME i log on. So I am basically ban now!

    Well my crystal Isles luck did not last too long. I am once again crashing the server as I try and log in. I have uninstalled Ark, deleted ALL save files on my console for the game and JUST finished re installing it. I was able to play 45 mins before i got booted and I can not rejoin WITHOUT crashing it.

    So far I have reinstalled the server 3 times, had it moved from one machine to the next a bunch of times, I have deleted my character that has went through the boss fights, all explorer notes and crap like that, all save files of the game and last but not least a complete uninstall and reinstall of the game.

    I called Nitrado again (why? I dont know) and they are forwarding it BACK to the second level people

    Did you pay for the time on a computer? If so then it wont go to your xbox account. You HAVE to download the Nitrado app on the xbox and pay for it there. Never pay for your server via phone or computer

    I am not sure what you are needing. The title is saying that you can not connect to the internet but your comment is stating it is your friend that can not connect. Either way you or your friend (whichever one can not connect) need to contact customer support via phone. I think this should be a simple enough problem that they can ACTUALLY solve.

    I am sorry to hear that youre having the wonderful Nitrado help requests as I am having. It is totally disgusting that Nitrado is the ONLY company to offer us servers on the console. I think that is the reason why they are not offering the best customer support to fix issues. Once again I was on the phone today with Nitrado because I did not like what level 2 customer support said (basically to reinstall my server for the 4th time in less then a week) the guy on the phone kept insisting to reinstall the server. I tried for over 4 hours to get on my server while it was on Ragnarok with Nitrado in my ear saying reinstall that I FINALLY got fed up switched the map to Crystal isles and LOGGED RIGHT IN! I then sent Nitrado a message with me rolling my eyes and told them to find the issue that their server is having when it deals with the map Ragnarok. Plus a few other things that I probably should not post here. I am finally able to play however just not on the map I prefer to play on.

    I been on and off the phone with Nitrado ALL day today. They done their usual and hooked me to a different machine and after me frequently requesting that they DO NOT roll my server back for the hundredth time..... Guess what they did? Yuppers they rolled it back and I still CAN NOT log onto a server I am paying for. Way to go Nitrado your customer support is doing a bang up job with this mess. I am about to throw the towel in and find a new host for my game. This is sad very sad:cursing: to say the least.:thumbdown:

    Just wanted to add that they sent my server to 2nd level support. Whatever that means because it dont make me feel any better..

    BTW- Anyone know another hosting site for console that is NOT Nitrado?

    Umm they actually are answering phones up to wee hours of the morning. i got ahold of them at 2:30am;)

    Just make sure to have your Nitrado id number ready

    When servers dont show up on the list. It is typically best to call Nitrado and let their professionals help you. They can resolve the issue quickly for you. I am currently on hold with them now.. So give them a buzz

    When I check the crash stax 99% of the time it is a fatal error. I had a nitrado server before for several years and NEVER ran across this issue. This server is not that old and it has been more of a pain then I could ever imagine. I have already reinstalled the server, my game and it still does not work.. well after the one reinstall we did get it to leave my daughters base alone. Guess that can count as good news. All I know is rolling the server back a day, 2 days or whatever does not work. It is a band aid placed on a gapping wound. My server is unfortunately paid up for 2 years so I guess I am stuck with it and with calling Nitrado daily just to play my Ark.

    Thank you for the response

    Around the time that the Christmas event my server has been acting weird. First it would crash if anyone went to my daughters base (she only had 4 animals out and her base was not large) then when we finally got that fixed the same thing started happening to my hatchery. I lost several animals fixing that area. Then it started crashing when we tried going to my base. So I moved to the Red Woods on Ragnarok I have a small cottage type base with around 7 animals out and guess what.. every time i try to log in the game black screens and then crashes. I have called Nitrado EVERY DAY for about 2 weeks BEGGING them to find out what is going on and to fix it.. Their response "Roll your server back DAILY" and hook you to a new machine. Come on really? I tell them they done all that so many times and it dont work. One actually reinstalled the server and we lost EVERYTHING and it still crashes when i try and log in. Does ANYONE know ANYTHING I can do at my end to help with this or maybe something i can tell nitrado to do to stop this? PLEASE HELP. I have lost 8 members and 2 admins due to them constantly rolling my server back daily:cursing: