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    I moved from an other hoster to nitrado and i noticed something interest. My hypothesis is, that the server are saving somewhere a mirror of the .db file.

    The suggestion is, that it could be possible, to lower the traffic and to have a better performance. Maybe someone from Nitrado can check this.

    Here i explain why. I uploaded my files from the other hoster and the .db files was corrupt (didn't look, that it was a complete download). Ok, i deleted them and did a complete down- and upload. Same problem occurs with the corrupt file. The worldmap is loaded but not the stuff.

    Then i tried it with the savegame folder for the singlegames. There i did an other failure and renamed the files. Don't do that! ... but with this the same problem occurs. I found in the save folder from the singlegame the steam_autocloud.vdf. I deleted the .db and .fwl. After start in the Valheim program the .db and .fwl were appearing.

    Same thing occurs at my nitrado-server. I deleted the files, restart the server and the files were appearing. (It was not a new generated world.) At the old hoster I did backups and restart directly after the backup, moved on the server and things i shortly bevore put into chests were gone. That's why i think there exist something like a cloud, which can overwrite. Ok, you can hit F5 and save manually, then it should not appear.

    I waited 20 minutes at my nitrado-server after i deleted the files and it didn't occur. Now it is all fine, but what do you think? Let me know.