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    A tempoary workaround to get players using Epic launcher to join the server. Disable BattleEye in nitrados server interface and restart server. Close the game down and restart it (important). Connect from singleplayer using the "open ip:port" command. After those changes, people can join, no longer get kicked randomly from the server and is able to use chat and access mounts etc.

    I've been able to get people on our discord server to join my server this way

    Hope this helps anybody tempoarily

    So I "upgraded" (upgraded in quotation because Nitrado gave me a whole new server with a new IP) my fully functional basic ark server which had no problem showing in the unofficial server list for random people to join. This new ESP server that now holds 20 players with max fps will not show at all. I have to either connect through the web site/steam server option/ or go through the filter that says "your survivors". The whole idea of renting a server was for random people to be able to find it and join. As it stands now the server is useless to me. Why does the basic server show up but not the ESP upgraded one? I don't buy the Ark can only show 4500 servers at any given time explanation. If i reactivate the basic one I bet it will show. If this can't be resolved I may as well play singleplayer