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    So I've messed with a few settings as an effort to fix this annoying bug and I still can't fix it. I have players telling me that no matter what, they are only getting 1% per imprint, or even sometimes 0% and it is really pissing me and my players off. A fix would be cool because none of the other threads seem to have a fix.

    I have received multiple reports that turrets on my server, specifically Tek turrets are not shooting enemies. Now I am going to start with the fact that I am the only person on the server with the admin password, so that is out of the equation. I also have my settings so that there is no turret limit, also removing that from the equation. Now today I received more reports that while some people weren't getting shot by turrets at times, people were also getting shot by turrets belonging to their allies. I have a lot of upset players based on this and I would appreciate any sort of explaination.

    So since the latest update, despite any efforts to fix it, all 3 of the servers I pay for are essentially useless right now. Two of my servers cant even start up because I get an error message, and the one that is up, everything in game got deleted and I cant restart / roll back since I just get an error message. Likely going to lose some players on my servers now since anyone sending me messages about their characters and everything they have getting deleted, or not being able to get on, are met by me telling them I cant do anything now. At this point it is just absurd.

    From what I can tell and what my players are telling me, it is only my one center server that has the issue. And based off my knowledge it wasn't an issue until I changed the map from the island to the center. Kept all settings the same besides that though so I don't know why it would matter.

    They are in the wrong section of the ini. Move them to the bottom section titled [Server Settings] but don't accidentally put them below message of the day. So right below the line that has PreventUploadDinos=False. At least this is what I'm pretty sure the issue is. I would give it a try because based on issues I made in the past with something similar, that would be it.

    If you are asking if I have the settings such as character downloads/uploads off, I do not. It only really became an issue recently and every time I log on I have to make a new character, and the old one still is sitting in the base and everything.

    For my server cluster, almost every time I transfer to the center and log off my character gets deleted. I am able to transfer to my valguero and extinction just fine, but the center keeps deleting it. I have made 4 new characters in the past few days, and frankly I am getting extremely pissed off. As an admin I can always rejoin my tribe with a command but its just that it always takes about a half an hour just to get back in the tribe, get my levels back and give myself tribe ownership again. Never had this issue on my cluster before, just my players occasionally getting ARKed and losing their characters, but it hasn't been like this. A fix would be appreciated as I am beginning to lose the motivation to play on my own servers, which doesn't help since I am the admin of them. Please let me know how I can fix this. Thanks.

    Anyone know how I can change the settings so I can build without putting the pillars every few ceilings? Either increase the range so it doesn't need as many or make it so you can keep going? All I see online is people saying it isn't possible or that you need s+, and I'm not sure the Xbox version of s+ qualifies. If anyone has the code for it that would be a great help.

    Whenever I try to join my server it just says "Joining Session..." and no matter how long I wait, it doesnt load. I have restarted my server and I have force stopped it and started it again without any benefit.

    I went and I changed my expert settings so that snow owls spawn on island and then I get back on and everything is deleted. Dinos, builds, characters, all gone! Wtf happened to the stuff? My friends arent gonna be happy with this and I am not either. Please help me out.