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    Hello Nitrado Forum,

    i am currently trying to activate the procedually generated asteroids on my server.

    I already tried the following solutions:

    Link 1 (Nitrado Forum)

    Link 2 (Space Engineers Forum)

    To be exact i edited the following files:

    What i added is the following:

    1. <SpawnShipTimeMultiplier> 0 </ SpawnShipTimeMultiplier>
    2. <ProceduralDensity> 0.5 </ ProceduralDensity>
    3. <ProceduralSeed> 1234567890 </ ProceduralSeed>
    4. <DestructibleBlocks> true </ DestructibleBlocks>

    Can anybody provide more help please? We don't want to create a new save file because we already invested hours of gameplay and only just realized that we miss a lot of asteroids.