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    If you can’t get that to work now my only solution for now is to just to put movement speed up for all dinos if you want faster birds.
    is it a pvp or pve server if it’s pve then I get it wanting to have faster birds but pvp I don’t think you need them man I have a pvp server and I don’t have faster flyers it’s honestly fine without

    What are you trying to do exactly make it so when you level up like health for example it puts in more then the normal amount like instead of 100 per point 200 or you trying to do something else

    Hello dose someone know the tribe player limit code line and what game file it goes in like game.ini or the gameusersettings.ini thanks

    plus extra question dose someone know the Xbox controls for spectator mode I can’t find them online anywhere thanks

    thank you for your help i don't know if i was saying it right or if you didn't understand but i reinstalled the server and i have the game.ini files. the first time i opened it it was completely empty and i know i can add the code in it just i wanted the default code. i was also missing some gameusersettings i honestly think it didnt start up the server right the first time i really do appreciate the help while i was trying to figure it out :)

    would you know how i get the admin star next to my name in game aswell many thanks