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    I'd like to know how to make spawn enemies, like some tamable bee hives ! Is it possible ? Is there a command to ajust how often they pop on the map, or just maybe one pop in front of me ?

    I've been searching for thoses bee hives 6-7h, none. The fact is I saw a bee hive once, then, after few hours I had to reboot the server, when I came back to the place, the bee hive was gone. Maybe a bug ??

    thanks for your help !

    Hello people ! :D

    So I've just got my own server on Ark (obviously), I'd like to put all of the engrams into it, from all DLC.

    But I want to fight for those, I mean I don't want the engrams to be unlock directly, you know what I mean

    How can I do that ? Can you help me !? :D

    (I'm on Ragnarok if it's help a bit !)

    Thanks !!