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    At the very least i think a message of compensation for affected users should be sent out. I haven't been able to use my server at all today now, it won't even reinstall.

    We shouldn't be losing our paid time for issues with your companies servers.

    Seem fair enough @Rondeau04?

    Rondeau04 again the issue is that there is clearly a problem with the servers in general.

    We shouldn't all have to submit tickets for the support guys to have an overall view of the downtime on servers. That's a seriously lax department if that's how it's run.

    So far I would expect that ANYONE with a Valheim server would get compensation, in this case time added to the end of their subscribed time, to total it back up to the time paid for that they haven't been able to get. Or refunds if requested.

    I have submitted a ticket regardless but again this isn't the point, there is very clearly a problem and it's fairly shameful that this can't be seen or that the community boards have been ignored for as long as they have been.

    This is pathetic really. Do they not have staff for weekend work? I've just bought this server and the longest it's stayed 'live' is about 10 mins then it boots me and becomes inactive.

    Honestly they should NOT be offering a server for a game if they cannot adequately support it.

    I'll be getting a refund I think if something isn't sorted within next hour.

    Hi guys,

    Before anyone says I am aware there is a thread about this BUT it was in June 2020 and I installed this server a few days ago, after this was meant to be fixed.
    I'm the server owner and admin. I've tried restarting the server but everyone is coming in as a generic white naked character and we've lost all of our stuff.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance