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    Yeah I just did the map recovery and went back to the days etc but all the buildings that used adobe are gone and like the simple bed is gone and a few others. So I assume ark took those out of primitive. So anything built in adobe was set to see-through. I'll try and work more on it today to see what else is missing or was taken out of Primitive.

    The ticket thing doesn't work for me, it just sends me to the forums. I assume the recovery would be the map save backups? That's the only thing that is recent, everything else such as server and database backups are from July.

    I updated my game via xbox like I had to and then noticed my server days was at 10. So I go into the server and everything is gone. What happened? Why did my server get reset to the start? The people in my server are complaining about it and I'm not too pleased either with it atm.

    Did we just lose everything? Is there a way to get it back? I know I have restore things in my control panel but I'm not about to touch those unless I know what I'm doing and in this case I do not. If we have lost everything than I just don't need the service any longer as we put a lot of hard work into the server. So any insight would be great. Thanks!

    I accidentally clicked it but don't believe I saved it. Is there a way to look and see it maybe the server name changed? All the info is still the same as it was so I wouldn't think any different. It's not checked like the other check boxes if that helps

    :thumbdown:So I was up last night playing until 3am playing on the server. I go to bed everything is fine and then I wake up this morning and people tell me that the server is offline and everything. I go and check and it says that the server is up and running and I go and check and its not seen on the list of servers. So.... what happened here?

    I've read the wiki and other posts around here and nothing has worked or would have been what my issue was. My subscription still has 18 days left so it's not expired which is obvious since its running. It's just not populating onto the server list for whatever reason.

    I try and enter a ticket for the issue and it takes me to the forums. So here I am. This needs to be fixed because I'm not going to be paying for a service that I am not going to be able to use. If anyone has any pointers or someone from the Nitrado team can fix this issue for me that would be great.