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    I'm sorry youre having server issues. Have you tried to do a full reinstall and see if it corrects the issue? If you have and this didn't work have you submitted a support ticket using the support link at the bottom of the page.

    Yes i have tried a full reinstall, literally no improvements, and as i said before you replied... i have put in a ticket yet i haven't gotten a response.

    Welp, looks like imma have to get a refund through my bank. thanks for ALL of the help -_-

    Waste of my time and money smh

    Its funny how u got a goal of becoming the biggest game server provider yet you literally have no f**king customer support. put in a ticket over 24 hours ago and nothing back, therefore my server runtime is being wasted due to your utter laziness.

    So basically i start my server, leave it for a minute or two and then i try to join it, then once it loads i get the message 'failed to connect to host' and the server stops randomly. It is not my internet which i know for sure because my wifi is very fast usually. Please help ASAP as i feel like i have wasted my money and this is wasting my runtime. :cursing:

    exact same thing is happening to me rn, i feel like i have wasted my money :/. I start the server, then i try to connect to it then the server just stops and it says 'failed to connect to host'. bs