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open positions @ Nitrado

    Hello MonsterBob1988

    unfortunately it is not possible to do that on a Nitrado Server.

    We only offer the stable branch of the game.

    If there are any further questions or issues, feel free to get back to us.

    Your requests just got forwarded to the appropriate department.

    If or when it will be implemented into the system is not known yet.

    If there are further questions or uncertainties, please contact us again.

    Until then I thank you for your trust in us and wish you a nice day.

    Hey there,

    as soon as there are further information, they will be shared via our Website as well as our social media platforms.

    From what i can tell at the moment, the game is already on the radar.

    In light of the recent update we would like to upgrade what configuration options we offer in the Webinterface instead of just hiding everything behind the expert mode.

    To do so, we would like to ask you which 10 options you want to see the most in there.

    Below is a list of options and their explanations we haven't added to the webinterface yet. Please select up to 10 options/settings you would like to have in the Interface, rather then edit in the config.

    If you have any other suggestions on what could improve on the Webinterface let us know!

    The Thread will be open for comments until Friday, 13th 2020.

    I'm sorry for the bad experience you made so far.

    Unfortunately it is not always an issue on Nitrado side, but also on the developer of the game itself or the Server List of them.

    On ARK for example, the list is not able to show all the Servers out there due to the high amount of servers out there.

    I can only guess that it is the same issue here, since my server for example can be found without any issue at all.

    But i know that the developers and technicians of Nitrado are already aware of that and will take care of it as soon as possible.

    The also might get in contact with Funcom as well.

    Kindly ask you for a bit of patience.



    did you already checked the Steam Serverlist?

    It can be found in the main navigation of Steam at the Top of the Window: View - Server - Favorites.

    Just Copy and Paste the IP and the Port of your Server, add it to the List (Port need to be raised by 5, so if its 26000 you need to enter 26005) and refresh the list.