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open positions @ Nitrado

    I'm sorry for the bad experience you made so far.

    Unfortunately it is not always an issue on Nitrado side, but also on the developer of the game itself or the Server List of them.

    On ARK for example, the list is not able to show all the Servers out there due to the high amount of servers out there.

    I can only guess that it is the same issue here, since my server for example can be found without any issue at all.

    But i know that the developers and technicians of Nitrado are already aware of that and will take care of it as soon as possible.

    The also might get in contact with Funcom as well.

    Kindly ask you for a bit of patience.



    did you already checked the Steam Serverlist?

    It can be found in the main navigation of Steam at the Top of the Window: View - Server - Favorites.

    Just Copy and Paste the IP and the Port of your Server, add it to the List (Port need to be raised by 5, so if its 26000 you need to enter 26005) and refresh the list.





    I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    I was able to find your support request, which is already at the appropriate dept. i kindly ask you for a bit of patience, until our colleagues in the tech dept. were able to check your request.

    Please be sure to also check the Firewall settings.

    If they are configured wrongly, you could have locked yourself out.

    Just restore one of the latest game internal backups which got created before the update got released yesterday.

    This should fix the issue.

    There was a general issue with the latest Update on ARK PS4. This was fixed yesterday by Wildcard and was pushed to our servers immediately.

    Unfortunately, an issue on our side prevented servers from being able to start/stop/restart, this has been fixed and all servers are up and running again.

    If your server has lost any data or rolled back, please try to restore a game internal backup which was created before the update was released.

    We are really sorry for the inconveniences caused.