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    in the tab General on your Web interface you can choose between the different events.

    I think u need to first shut down your server, then choose an event, then restart your server and maybe do a dino wipe ?

    I choose Easter event on our server, one with Primal Fear, and got awesome colours.

    Another way is putting the event code in your GUS-ini

    then u also need to stop ur server first .

    Hope this helps :)

    ok a little hesitant to try

    Thinking if I activate expert, I wouldn't be able to play the game anymore

    That I need to put hours of coding in before I can play ...

    yeah thanks

    I know, I've read those threads

    I'm using the webUI but wanting to go to expert mode.

    My question was, is everything transferred when i go to expert mode or do I need to write it from scratch ?


    Been renting a server on Nitrado for a short while now.

    I'm trying to changes some settings to make our server a little more play friendly.

    But got a question.

    Can I alter the game.ini and GameUserSettings.ini files in file browser without using expert mode ?

    It seems that some settings change back to their original value.

    And if I enable expert mode, are all the command lines in those 2 ini.files transferred or used or do I have to write the whole thing from scratch ?

    Thanks in advance