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    I created my first server last year. but ran into difficulties (everyone did) when trying to host a space engineers server, which wasnt resolved for 3 weeks. after 2 weeks i wanted my refund but it took them a while to respond, and only refunded 50p to my nitrado account. So i moved to a different provider.

    I came back about 4-5 days ago now, willing to give these guys a second chance as it has been a year. I hosted my 7 days to die server and it worked fine. However the players decided they wanted something different, an arma 3 antistasi server. and it turns out nitrado doesnt support antistasi, so i made a request for a refund.

    ITS BEEN 72 hours. but yet reading into their values a bit, they offer "24/7 support" but its been almost 3 days. why the delay? I dont want to think that they are purposly ignoring me so that my time till refund allowance expires, so that i cant get a refund. But that is the only logical answer.

    This is probably in the wrong section. But there is no section for "complaints" or "refund problems" or smt similar.

    Very disapointed with the server a whole YEAR later. i seriously thought you guys would be better.

    Its been 2-3 weeks now, nitrado. i recommend everyone get a refund if your within their 2 week period. i was on week 3 with 4 days left of my server when i req a refund. i got 2 days worth of money for 3 weeks worth of no server.these guys

    I bought this server about a month ago. it was all good for 1 week before i had this problem (Just found how to add reply as i am a bit of a small brain).

    I requested a support ticket, took then 48 hours to reply, and they said its been moved to a higher up. on the 7th jan i requested a refund. and because it was now 3 weeks into my server, and ive only been able to use it for 1 week. i asked if i could have a refund for 3 weeks worth of the server to my bank account. They said they will only refund HALF OF THE TIME that is LEFT, and the 2 weeks that i havent been able to play due to THEIR FAILURE does not count towards credit. and that it will ONLY be transfered to my Nitrado account.

    The problem is, i have no need for the money on my account because im moving to a new host, that actually know what they are doing and reply within 12 hours. I only moved here because it was half the price of my usual host, and my pay check was a little smaller than expected. i got 48p back, for only 4 days worth of the server. when i havent been able to play now for over 20 days. this is , and i want a full refund and im surprised the issue is still not fixed. If you have a server, and you payed for it within the last 2 weeks, get a refund. you get 100% of your money back and you get the option to put it onto your card and not the nitrado account.