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    honestly at this point i'm thinking bout changing my server to one of there competitor my buddy said he has had good results with pingperfect and looks like it might cost me a little more but if something doesn't change here and soon he says its easier and more reliable im thinking im done this is going on day 3 for me at least that i cant log on to my server and there tech support here is as useful as a bag of doorknobs i still have a ticket they didn't even look at from September last year

    seriously this is the 2nd time in a month ive bin without my server due to this crap now my server goes up but cant find it im going to try one or 2 more thing now that its starting but this is ridiculous but i hate wiping my servers with a reinstall to fix your mistakes

    ya this is the 2nd time in my 30 day of my subscription that this has happened and the 4th time using nitrado servers for dayz im sick of sending in tickets about it where i gets stuck in this restart loop and there is no rhyme or reason to it it was running fine for days the boom now you have to wait till someone fixes it when they get to it and i lose out on those days i payed for i try everything on the list to get it working this is ridiculous