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    Not just fjordur, its doing it to me now on rag also. I can randomly get logged in one try in 20?-50? and then the game plays fine. Almost every time it loads all the way and then dashboard. Does this on two xboxs in my house, a one x and series S, and to my tribemate on his series x at his house. Took him three tries.

    Now it shows 1 player logged in and when I go to log again it says player with this account already logged in.

    I think crediting a few days to my servers as basically being unusable is not unreasonable between the charcar update and whenever this is squared away. Single player works on all maps.

    Select server, enter password, loading loading, and back to xbox home screen. start game again, repeat, blah blah blah.

    Randomly it did let me log in yesterday and I got about an hours play in, was able to go back and forth on my cluster of two, now I can log into my alt server which is rag but my character is on fjord. Single player works. I'm not re installing this game and risking years of play I have on this character. Anyone else having this issue?

    Increasing taming speed is one of the easiest aspects of the game you can change when you run your own server. I would suggest a youtube search for specifics on how to set up your servers taming speed to match your own preferences, but short answer is an emphatic yes, very possible to increase taming speed.

    Its not hours of staring at code, but it does take a little bit of time investment to get it all right. Get a note pad and make notes of your settings in web ui that you want to keep, have another tab open with the wiki to show what the ini lines should read for those settings, go into expert mode and go thru the lines and add or modify the ones you need. Having a deeper understanding of how the game works will make it easier in the future to make changes to affect the gameplay in a way that you want.

    What I found when doing this is that if you check off a box in non expert mode, but that line isn't in the ini when you are in expert mode, switching back and forth will screw it all up. Enabling fliers, crosshair, etc were all things that kept going back and forth on me. Figure out exactly what you want each non expert setting to be and make sure those are all in place in the CORRECT ini file too, I was messing that up.

    no, but they say that is smart on pvp servers. I literally logged into ab and ex long enough to learn a couple engrams and then saved and exited.

    Ive also read (here I think) that eventually your old save data will purge, so if you're on a new map for a while (days, weeks?) eventually your stuff on the old map on that server will wipe.

    For me it was worth getting a second server, I play rag on one and will do a canon playthru on the other, not returning to the story arks as I beat them.

    Exit the game, go into your server settings, change the map name, save settings, restart server, start on new map. When you switch back the old one with all your old stuff will still be there, I just did this so I could learn ab and ext engrams.